Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Skrull Among Us

Maybe here's something to tickle us while we are in the time of depression (Lost of our only boxer in the Olympics, Harry Tañamor, war in North Cotabato by the MILF and Governement forces, Anomalies in our government, issues of Cha-Cha or the charter Change..etc.)

Well, "what on Earth is a Skrull by the way?" They are fictional race of extraterrestrial shape shifters from the Marvel Comics. They are indeed "evil" as pure evil as you think of.

Well, now you have the reason to believe that PGMA is evil. Because she is a SKRULL after all.

This was taken in Highfiber 0.0 showing the compilation of world leaders being possessed by the empire of the Skrull in one of the editions of the comic book. The art was done by our fellow Filipino Leinil Francis Yu.

Now, let us reflect on this one with a Smile...or even a Laugh perhaps....

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