Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Frank's Rage

June 21, was a day to remember..A day to reminisce the devastation and destruction of either lives and crops of this land.

Typhoon Frank devastated the Province of Iloilo, and its cities. Me and my family for ones along with other thousands of individuals experience the ravishing force of the nature. The force of the nature against the man-made barriers and structures.

Indeed we are no match against the fury of nature.

The house of my "lolo" in the village of Sambag, Jaro was one of the totally devastated sites of the typhoon. my aunts small "sari-sari" store was also a victim of this cause.
The speed of the flood was triple as compared with the last flood that we had experience in 2002.

Our neighbors now clamors and claiming that their lives are being ruined by this unfortunate event. Other do claim that 80% of their livestocks perished. Cock breeders are also victimized by Frank's rage.

Other sites that had tasted this kiss of the nature's fury are, Pavia, Janiuay, San Miguel, Oton, and other parts of the Western Visayas Region or the Panay Region.

All we can ask for is that the government will now take a remarkable step in making the lives of the people easier in recovering from this painful tragedy.

I hope so....

Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Transport Strike!?!

What do you think this is? The transport sector are setting another threat to our fellow commuters that they will hold another transportation strike.

After a week of a provisional fare increase, they are now back in the air in threatening the government (LTO) by demands of another fare increase due to a surmountable, heavy oil prices.

Still the government is playing a sick eye, and a deft ear for We not them who will eventually suffer in this days to come transport strike.

I agree with the LTFRB chair, saying that "fare hike must be a last among the last resort". So let you guys talk before suggesting another strike.

In my opinion, scrap the 12% VAT on oil products and transfer it to the vices of our society..(cigarettes, casino among others).