Monday, May 26, 2008

Crimes in Laguna "part 2"

This is just a follow on my blog with the same title.

The authorities are now playing their own tactics just to demise and discredit us from arriving to our conclusions. They are trying to make a false conclusive facts that the "supposed" suspects are killed in a shootout with the operative under the RCBC task force.

But all of this are FALSE, because families and close relative serves too many testimonies that victims are with them, in their house, in their premises andnot executing any crimes.

They are indeed the victims, not of a shootout but of a "rob out".

Please I am stand corrected if there are any proofs that leads to the close sure of this RCBC Murder. If the authorities act as if they are to be respected well there is another "eskalawags" among the men in uniforms. I really don't doubt that.

To the authorities, please tell us the truth regarding the status of this case. Are you doing all of the means to solve this case? Do you know this suspects, or should I say they are your beloved comrades...?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Crimes in Laguna

What on earth are this animals are thinking? Are these the work of a normal human, we believe that it is not. It is indeed a work of the devil.

How can you imagine the tragic death of the RCBC Bank employees in Cabuyao, Laguna Branch? Being shot in the head at point blank (close range)and standing in one line "like they are being schedule for a summary execution".Are the henchmen of hell are here. I believe so.

And a few days ago, the massacre in one of the hilly village in Calamba, Laguna raged with gunshots "like there was a hell of a gunfight" killing 10 on the spot and wounding 6.The suspect is still at large but a certain retired SPO4 Peria is now under custody of the local police for criminal investigation regarding the heinous crime, for a recovered empty M-16 assault rifle bearing his name.

We all hope for justice for this families and loved ones. We all hope that the government do their fair share for this families. We all hope that the government should lend a helping hand for this affected families especially those who are in need for this situation the families of the victims.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tropical Storm "Cosme" Death Tolls Up

The tropical storm Cosme's death toll had rose to 12, injuring 9 and close to a 35,000 were devastated due to flash floods and landslides.

Some of this fatalities were caused by the hit of a galvanized roofing sheets that had blown away of the storm winds. Others caused by drowning after their homes were rushed by the flood. And others died due to walls were collapsed.

The entire western section of the province of Pangasinan has no power supply due to the fallen electrical power line post.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

20 Peso increase....?

President Arroyo has the conclusion for the nation's battle for a wage hike. It's 20 peso increase for the workers in Metro Manila and in Calabarzon.
The President made this announcement during the 29th National Conference of Employers at the Manila Hotel.

Still the labor sector keeps its "defensive stance" regarding this development released by the president. Arguments in contrast with this 20 peso hike are now even larger that they still demand for the 125 across the board wage increase.

This pronouncement made by the president was even ahead of schedule of the wage boards. And the opposition to this proposals and to this government was stating that the wage boards per se are nothing but a lameduck organization or agency under the commands of this regime acting for the sake the labor sector in representation on their behalf.

But after all, the labor sector and indeed the majority of the Filipino people are working hard just to feed their beloved family and sustain a decent and moral living. With a 20 peso increase, thanks but no thanks....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Federalism a Go or a No?

Federalism, an idea or philosophy in politics. A form of government which is divided into two subdivisions of authority. The Central government and the autonomies (states).

The Philippines is at present a unitary-presidential type of government. But, a proposal of turning the country's system of government into a federal-presidential. There are still other people does not want this change, because people are still scared of a plot to remain the current president in her palace and remain those politicians under her seat.

Another plot it is and we are in peril if this could be done. But on the other side of this blog, we are open I hope for change in this country. Let the charter of 1987 be change but given to a fact that it is laid on the table of the majority of the people. Because in the people emanates the law and the constitutional power of this politicians.

To the proponent of this change in both the house and the senate please be reasonable enough to face the majority of the people in the change that you want to do in our country's behalf. And try to moderate your greed. Be more specific in the change in the charter you want to amend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My First!


this is my first post here in my "7th Magnum".

Wow, 7th Magnum...Ask why? Because I believe that each and everyone of us has a caliber (like of those guns) made in us. The skills and our capabilities in which we are to develop as time goes by.

Why 7th? That's my favorite number since I have known the "living legend". Well I want to have that guts in my plays and in my future career.

Mainly the focus of this blog is for healthy sharing of ideas and communication for the better self-improvement in our beloved society. And this may be an instrument of somekind for a socio-political conversations and even commentaries which involves politics and everything includes in the life of each person. May be it from local or abroad.

Anyone is free...this is the true essence of democracy..

"SAY what you THINK is CORRECT, and nothing is against YOU"