Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A(H1N1) is here in Iloilo City!

A confirmed case of the widely spread Swine Flu or the most infamous A(H1N1) virus is now here in Iloilo City.

A 38 year old seaman was the first victim of the virus in the city. And he is now in the cradle of health care in the Western Visayas Medical Center.

Healh officials said a 38-year-old seaman in Iloilo who had just arrived from Germany tested positive for A (H1N1).

Recently, there are also cases of a positive infected people in the neihgboring city of Bacolod. And they were kids, but health officials said that they were mild. " Now, can some people tell us honestly on what should we felt in times like this?" Mild cases...and don't panic. This is already a pandemic and we are now in the world alert level 6.

But I will agree...because in panicking there is nothing that it could help. But instead, we should be more vigilant in battling this virus. Personal hygiene ladies and gentlemen.

Here are some of my public concern tips:

1. Don't cough all round, especially when you are in the public places.
2. For Christ's sake cover your mouth when you can't hold your coughing or sneeze.
3. If you are not carrying something to cover your mouth, immediately WASH YOUR HANDS. (Tips in your washing your hands, as Health Secretary would suggests: "While washing your hands do it with soap and a running water, and sing 2 happy birthday songs"
4.If you want to discard or excrete something out from your nose...USE A TISSUE and NOT A HANDKERCHIEF.. TISSUE IS DISPOSABLE. Therefore, throw that used tissue immediately in the trash can.
5.Bring some alcohol or hand sanitizers while you are in a journey.
6. Don't panic but be more VIGILANT for your health.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Here is the copy that I have found in the Internet, blogs, due to my eagerness to find out what those 172 Tongressmen are having in mind. Basically its a Parliamentary form of Government that they are after obviously. For Gloria will be their Prime Minister. See what kind of filthy hogs are they?

Matrix House Proposed Charter Amendments

No to Conass!


What is the real concept of Con-Ass or the Constituent Assembly?

As the world famous will define CON-ASS. Con-Ass" is one of the three modes in which the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines could be amended or revised. The others were People's Initiative and Constitutional Convention.

But why people nowadays wears this necklace made from garlic, and they are not just people but members of the Senate. Why people last June 2, 2009 disturbed while they were asleep, while majority of the politicos are having a party in the fence of Gloria.

It is because of the passage of House Resolution 1109. Here is the copy of that House Resolution numbered 1109. House Resolution No. 1109 House Resolution No. 1109

So yesterday, people from all sector of our beloved society came to designated place of protest. They are now the start of the continued protest of the true majority. Not by this 172 Congressmen living in Gloria's poo of money.

People swarms the city streets of Makati, Davao, Dagupan,Bacolod, Iloilo, Manila, and Cagayan De Oro.

This is for me, the OPNENING SALVO of protest against the "Gloria Regime", "Gloria Forever Scenario". This will continue until the expected last SONA or the State of the Nation Address of Gloria Arroyo on July 27, 2009.

JOIN the CALL against Charter Change of Gloria. No to Conass!