Friday, May 22, 2009


The Scam of the Pepsi 349..? Anyone of you almost forget it?

Well I don' mother will never forget it.

Not just because we have that crown caps with those 3 digit winning combination, but because we want justice to prevail.

Not just because of the fortunes that me and my family would get, but because of the struggles of the many people especially those who are poor, who still remains to be poor.

This is the reason why the 7th Magnum blog is now dedicated for this call of reopening the said case.

I am not a lawyer though, but I can express something which in accordance of TRUTH and JUSTICE for the Common Good.

News indicates that the case is close....But I and the others who are still hoping for the continuity of this case will stand our grounds for this simple cause of giving us not only the favor of giving us 500 pesos...or the amount of the prize money..But tell us the TRUTH...

I am an avid fan of PEPSI...especially of the PEPSI MAX...but now I will call on the people who are in the side of JUSTICE AND TRUTH...DO NOT PATRONIZE PEPSI AND OTHER PRODUCTS and even their promotions which may still lead to another scam, scandal.

I will call on again to NOW PATRONIZE if they are willing to explain to media, to the people, who are holders of the winning caps, to the next generation of other cap holders (for some maybe because of the real holders are now six-feet below the ground and still hoping for the prize money) ON HOW DID THEY TURN THEIR BACK TO US...THEY BETRAYED US....


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"I'd like to offer an apology and a clarification to remarks I made recently.

While on the David Letterman program, I joked that I might need a "mail-order bride" to achieve the goal of having more children in my life. I believe that most people understood that this was a joke and took it as such. (A dated reference, no doubt, and another sign of my advancing age.) However, I do apologize to anyone who took offense. The comments of some Philippine government officials come as no surprise to me, either. Even the one by a former action film star-turned-Senator who beckoned me to come to the Philippines so he could "beat" me over my comment.

Such anger and frustration about the issue of sex trafficking is understandable. The Philippines has suffered significant problems with the issue of sex trafficking and I would like to turn your attention to the work of an organization called Love146 that my brother Stephen educated me about. Visit their website at and learn of the important work that is being done, in various regions of the world, by Rob Morris and his co-founders and staff.

I had met with Rob in New York, some months before the Letterman appearance, in the hopes of helping him raise money for this group. Again, I apologize for the perceived insensitivity of that remark and ask you to visit the Love146 site."