Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All Planes Must Retire

The Philippine Air Force should have avoided all the deaths of our fellowmen in the coat of arms.

This deaths are inexcusable, for that is not their fault to sit-in to this junk planes of other countries. The most tragic event that really shredded my interest to be a proud Filipino Airmen is that our C-130 cargo plane had gone down in the Davao Strait.

We have only 3 ("I stand corrected if I'm wrong") active C-130 plane in doing the task of transporting relief goods, reinforcement for our troops in the field, or even for rescue operations. These are considered as the work-horse of the Philippine Air Force here in our country.

But now, we are standing again for another investigation on what really happened to that unfortunate plane and its 9 crew.

I raise this proposal to our leaders in government that all planes in our air force should have a
"mandatory retirement" for our planes and ask for the DND (Department of national Defense) to secure budget for allocation of new set of cargo planes and other kind of planes. So that persons like me may still have the passion to be an airman of the Philippine Air Force and lived-in to the motto that "Future is in the Skies..."

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