Thursday, March 26, 2009

Charter Change or your PDAF or even your SARO

Desperate tactics are now in the midst to have the Charter change (Cha-cha) pushed through via Constituent Assembly or Con-ass to ensure her (PGMA) of continued stay in the top political office of the land, President Arroyo believed has blessed the bribe amounting to P1 billion in congressional projects — to cover soft and hard components of their pork barrel plus cold cash of a million pesos each — in exchange for their “irreversible” vote for changes in the Constitution to usher in term extensions for all elective officials on a hold-over capacity, in preparation for a parliamentary system, opening the door for Mrs. Arroyo to run as a member of parliament.

As if the the Arroyo couple is now moving heaven and earth just to make the push for Charter Change. By withholding the SARO or the Special Allotment Release Orders (not contented of not giving the pork to those representative who really needs the money). This allegations is being confirmed by the DBM or the Department of Budget and Management through the Philippine Daily Tribune.

It is been said the "too many congressmen are not happy with the Palace's handling the situation." "and it is indeed pressuring the top leadership of the House of Representatives (Nograles) in a speedy approval of the House Resoultion in convening the Con Ass or the Constituent Assembly. Nograles actually says he is not a "lapdog" to the Palace or to GMA or even to the Arroyo's but he is an ALLY.


I think HR #737 will be tackled this April 13 as the House goes back in session. Therefore we must act in vigilance to protect our democracy and freedom.

The still unnumbered resolution needs only 22 more congressional endorsements to reach 197 supporters from Congress which comprises the three fourths votes passed the HR and to amend the Constitution.

I really smell something wrong here...if this House Resolution is passed by the House of Representatives via 3/4 vote then there will be A NO-EL Scenario.

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