Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My First!


this is my first post here in my "7th Magnum".

Wow, 7th Magnum...Ask why? Because I believe that each and everyone of us has a caliber (like of those guns) made in us. The skills and our capabilities in which we are to develop as time goes by.

Why 7th? That's my favorite number since I have known the "living legend". Well I want to have that guts in my plays and in my future career.

Mainly the focus of this blog is for healthy sharing of ideas and communication for the better self-improvement in our beloved society. And this may be an instrument of somekind for a socio-political conversations and even commentaries which involves politics and everything includes in the life of each person. May be it from local or abroad.

Anyone is free...this is the true essence of democracy..

"SAY what you THINK is CORRECT, and nothing is against YOU"

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