Monday, May 19, 2008

Crimes in Laguna

What on earth are this animals are thinking? Are these the work of a normal human, we believe that it is not. It is indeed a work of the devil.

How can you imagine the tragic death of the RCBC Bank employees in Cabuyao, Laguna Branch? Being shot in the head at point blank (close range)and standing in one line "like they are being schedule for a summary execution".Are the henchmen of hell are here. I believe so.

And a few days ago, the massacre in one of the hilly village in Calamba, Laguna raged with gunshots "like there was a hell of a gunfight" killing 10 on the spot and wounding 6.The suspect is still at large but a certain retired SPO4 Peria is now under custody of the local police for criminal investigation regarding the heinous crime, for a recovered empty M-16 assault rifle bearing his name.

We all hope for justice for this families and loved ones. We all hope that the government do their fair share for this families. We all hope that the government should lend a helping hand for this affected families especially those who are in need for this situation the families of the victims.

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