Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Federalism a Go or a No?

Federalism, an idea or philosophy in politics. A form of government which is divided into two subdivisions of authority. The Central government and the autonomies (states).

The Philippines is at present a unitary-presidential type of government. But, a proposal of turning the country's system of government into a federal-presidential. There are still other people does not want this change, because people are still scared of a plot to remain the current president in her palace and remain those politicians under her seat.

Another plot it is and we are in peril if this could be done. But on the other side of this blog, we are open I hope for change in this country. Let the charter of 1987 be change but given to a fact that it is laid on the table of the majority of the people. Because in the people emanates the law and the constitutional power of this politicians.

To the proponent of this change in both the house and the senate please be reasonable enough to face the majority of the people in the change that you want to do in our country's behalf. And try to moderate your greed. Be more specific in the change in the charter you want to amend.

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