Thursday, May 15, 2008

20 Peso increase....?

President Arroyo has the conclusion for the nation's battle for a wage hike. It's 20 peso increase for the workers in Metro Manila and in Calabarzon.
The President made this announcement during the 29th National Conference of Employers at the Manila Hotel.

Still the labor sector keeps its "defensive stance" regarding this development released by the president. Arguments in contrast with this 20 peso hike are now even larger that they still demand for the 125 across the board wage increase.

This pronouncement made by the president was even ahead of schedule of the wage boards. And the opposition to this proposals and to this government was stating that the wage boards per se are nothing but a lameduck organization or agency under the commands of this regime acting for the sake the labor sector in representation on their behalf.

But after all, the labor sector and indeed the majority of the Filipino people are working hard just to feed their beloved family and sustain a decent and moral living. With a 20 peso increase, thanks but no thanks....

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