Monday, May 26, 2008

Crimes in Laguna "part 2"

This is just a follow on my blog with the same title.

The authorities are now playing their own tactics just to demise and discredit us from arriving to our conclusions. They are trying to make a false conclusive facts that the "supposed" suspects are killed in a shootout with the operative under the RCBC task force.

But all of this are FALSE, because families and close relative serves too many testimonies that victims are with them, in their house, in their premises andnot executing any crimes.

They are indeed the victims, not of a shootout but of a "rob out".

Please I am stand corrected if there are any proofs that leads to the close sure of this RCBC Murder. If the authorities act as if they are to be respected well there is another "eskalawags" among the men in uniforms. I really don't doubt that.

To the authorities, please tell us the truth regarding the status of this case. Are you doing all of the means to solve this case? Do you know this suspects, or should I say they are your beloved comrades...?

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